We are renowned personal injury claims solicitors who work on your behalf to fight for the best possible monetary compensation.

Personal injury can be classed as both physical and psychological, and everyone wh odue to the neglect of others, has contracted a disease or illness, or who has suffered an injury, is able to apply for personal injury compensation.

Reasons for making a claim

If you have suffered personal injury, you will have reasons for wanting to take action. One of the main reasons we are contacted is so that our clients receive financial compensation for the suffering and pain they have sustained since the injury.

For example, they may have to pay for medical expenses if they do not hold any insurance cover. Or they may not be able to go back to work for some time. Therefore, the claim can ensure that your medical bills and hospital stay are covered and that you are compensated for lost earnings until you have recovered. In another vein, you may want to take action in order to see that justice is served either for yourself or someone close to you who has died as a result of the neglect. It could also be because you want to take a stand against injustice and ensure that existing procedures are radically changed to guarantee that no one else has to suffer the same torturous experience.

  • External pipes, walls, roofs, door frames, gutters, floorboards, and drains.
  • Internal walls.
  • Heating installations, both for space and water heating.
  • Water, electricity, gas, and sanitation or sewage installations.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are other things that could be deemed a breach, such as failure to ensure the property is safe. This could include failing to address structural defects, gas leaks, broken doors or locks, lack of compliance with fire safety regulations, vermin, etc.

It’s important to note that legislation highlights the maintenance and repair of installations, which means not all repair claims are valid. For example, a tenant could have grounds for court action if a landlord didn’t keep a bathroom sink in working order. However, legal action wouldn’t be justified if a toothbrush holder broke and the landlord failed to repair or replace it.

Another thing you should know is that you may have a claim for housing upkeep neglect whether the rented property belongs to a local authority, a private individual, or a property management company if they were designated by the owner to ensure living standards were maintained.

The advantages of a no-win, no-fee arrangement

If you have suffered from personal injury due to neglect, it is essential to instruct a leading firm of personal injury claims solicitors such as ourselves. This is because a claim can be very complex and requires specialist legal knowledge of all the loopholes and similar cases if you are to stand the best chance of having success and gaining the highest possible financial payout.

On top of this, once the claim has been lodged, the hospital trust, company or individual that is involved, is highly likely to contest it so that the case is dropped or so that they pay out the minimal amount of compensation, therefore, this results in a long drawn out fight. Our long established legal firm are very adept with the legal procedure, and are fully conversant with that precedents that the other party can try to manipulate to their advantage. We are able to make the entire claims procedure quicker and easier, and our expertise in personal injury claims makes the chances of you receiving a substantial compensation payout much higher.