Worried you were mis-sold your mortgage? We can investigate for free and claim on your behalf.

When you’re offered a mortgage by a lender or broker, they must make several assurances in-line with regulations to ensure the mortgage is, for example, affordable to repay throughout the entire term.

They’re also expected to clearly explain the interest between different types of mortgage, for example an interest only mortgage versus a repayment mortgage. Which is cheaper, can you move between the two types?

If any of this advice has been given in error, then you’ve been mis-sold your mortgage and will quite literally be paying the price for it.

Were you mis-sold your mortgage?

  • You were wrongly advised about your mortgage terms
  • You acted on advice to consolidate other debts into your mortgage
  • You were advised to take one product over another due to commission
  • Incorrect information was submitted by the broker so that you could obtain a higher mortgage
  • You were not told about the commission your mortgage broker or advisor stood to receive

Who is eligible?

We will check to see if you’re eligible to make a mortgage claim by assessing your mortgage and identifying signs of any of the above indiscretions. Your assessment is totally free of charge and you’ll be under no obligation to continue with the mortgage claim. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Many mortgage holders could be eligible, including those who fit any of the following circumstances:

  • You’ve consolidated loans, credit cards and other forms of debts into the mortgage.
  • You’ve missed a mortgage payment or perhaps have been in arrears.
  • You’ve had your mortgage for six years or more.
  • You’ve got an interest-only mortgage with no plan to repay the capital.

If you’re in any doubt about whether you can make a mortgage claim, get in touch with us today to get your assessment. If you fit in to any of the above circumstances, it’s likely you could have a successful claim.

No win, no fee - always!

Unlike many other companies, the only way you will end up paying us any money is if we’re successful in earning compensation for you. When we say, ‘no win no fee’, we mean it!

Your initial mortgage assessment is free, and we will give you a quick answer as to whether we think that you may have a valid mortgage claim.

Even at that point, you’re under no obligation to continue your claim with us. If you wish, you can take it no further.

If you do continue with us, then we will make sure your claim is handled quickly, professionally and hassle-free.