We challenge your creditors to prove you legally owe what they say you do. You will be surprised how many cannot!

If you are struggling with any of the following types of debt, we could help you:

  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Catalogues
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • HP agreements
  • Payday loans

We will do all the work for you including dealing with the creditors direct on your behalf, completing all the legal requests, dealing with correspondence and day to day communication with your creditors and completing your file until either the debt is written off completely or reducing the amount owed and even help in getting you prepared to set up a repayment plan directly with your creditors. All you will have to do is complete the income and expenditure form and agree an affordable monthly payment and provide us with any creditor details you may have.

You can get this information from either your current Debt Manager if they provide you with monthly statements or from your credit report. Free credit reports are available such as clear score. You may receive some contact initially from your creditors, but this will cease once we have been in contact with them and submitted legal requests for documentation. We will not make any payments towards your debts, we will ascertain liability and establish whether your creditor is able to comply with all the required documentation in order to legally enforce.

Once the documentation is provided, we will run this through our legal checker system which will produce a report and highlight any breaches embodied within the agreement. This will determine whether your agreement was correctly executed and if not, we will present the evidence to your creditor along with a recommendation for a resolution which could be a request to write the debt off in full.

Again, all we would need from you is to forward any correspondence you may receive and highlight any contact from creditors for us to action this immediately and reduce the contact from your creditors.