Invest In Our Growth

Next Gen Solicitors are looking for Investors to support their continued success in the litigation market.

We have an opportunity for investors to support our growth by providing capital for our litigation fund which is required to finance cases. We offer a ‘no win no fee service’ to clients, which allows us to achieve a higher success fee in exchange for financing the case on behalf of the client. Using our experience and knowledge, we can identify the cases with high probability of success.

The Investment structure has an Independent Trustee in place who holds the security for investors. Security to investors is provided through After the Event (ATE) Insurance. This insurance policy considers the report and probability of success and will cover the expenses we have incurred if the case fails. The Trustee in place for investors, will also take ownership of each individual case.

Our investment is for a 1year term as the average time it takes for a case to settle is 9months. We our paying investors a 7% return for their investment in us.

  • 1-year investment term
  • 7% return to investors
  • £25,000 minimum investment
  • Unrelated to market trends
  • Security in the form of ATE Insurance and case ownership managed by Independent Trustee
  • Market with proven case wins, our team having over 1,000 wins under their belts
  • The raised capital is replacing our existing funding which is expensive and rigid
  • Average case cost of £5,000 with around a 90% success rate.
  • Monthly progress reports direct from Next Gen Solicitors